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IPVPN Virtual Private Network

All your offices, all your people. Just 1 network


Bring all your sites together on a single, secure VPN that’s ready to handle everything from straightforward email to converged applications.

It’s called IPVPN and it gives you your own private network to run your voice, video and data on a single infrastructure.

However you want to do it

You’ll be able to connect your sites in a whole host of ways, including:

  • Ethernet circuits
  • ADSL
  • Cable Modem
  • Fibre to the Cabinet
  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM)
  • 3G

Whichever ones you connect with, we’ll bring them all together onto a shared core so there’s only ever one network to take care of.

Choose the speed you need from 2Mbit/s right up to 1Gbit/s, and prioritise your traffic with 8 classes of service so you can make sure the important stuff always gets through.

Want to bring it all together?

With IPVPN as the backbone you can open your organisation to the possibilities of Connected Collaboration. You can consolidate your voice and data onto a single network, helping to cut the number of suppliers you use and reduce your costs.

Plus, you can use it as part of your infrastructure to support new ways of working and even bring it all together on a single, converged network to make sure your people are ‘always on’, connected anywhere on any device.

For more information, call our sales team on 0800 953 0180, Monday to Friday 8am–5.30pm.

Or request a call back at a time to suit you.

Business Benefits


Get a flexible, fast and secure network that opens the door to a whole new way of working when you bring voice, data and video together on one network with IPVPN.

Here’s some additional ways IPVN can benefit your business:

  • Save on capital outlay – your IPVPN will run on our ultrafast optical fibre network. Because you rent the infrastructure from us, there’s no need to invest in building your own network.
  • Maintained and managed 24/7 – IPVPN is fully maintained and managed by us and backed by a business-class Service Level Agreement, which sets out the high performance and availability you can rely on for your network.
  • Boost productivity – IPVPN enables your colleagues to access the resources they need however they need it, via smartphones over 3G or laptops over the public internet. And when you combine it with a Unified Communications platform, you’ll open the doors to truly collaborative working.
  • Support new ways of working – easily set up access policies and implement BYOD across multiple sites.
  • Be future proof – IPVPN is highly scalable, with multiple access and bandwidths options to choose from. This makes it ready to grow with your business with minimal or no service disruption. 
  • Keep secure – the MPLS technology behind IPVPN, plus our robust operation, which is a 27001 security certified service, provides significant assurance. We can deliver to government and public sector data classification standards of Assured and Protect.


IPVPN is a great step on the path to transforming your business. And it opens the way for further transformation with technologies such as SIP Trunking. It consolidates voice and data traffic over a single network connection, with the potential to deliver considerable cost savings.

Designed For You


IPVPN is completely flexible. It can support your network requirements today and it’s ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

We’ll be with you every step of the way with help and advice, from design and installation to maintenance and management.


Choose your configuration – fully meshed, hub and spoke, any-to-any… we can do it all. Our experts will work with you to find the best way to link up all your sites.

Choose your bandwith – up to 1Gbps.

Choose your priorities – there are 8 classes of service that let you prioritise traffic to make sure the important stuff always gets through.

And, you’ll always know what’s happening on your network with access to our online reporting tool.


If you want to sub-divide your network to keep certain areas separate and secure, we can hook you up with more than one VPN, each served from a common data centre. Great for extending specific access to your customers or suppliers.

And if you want to go global…we’ll work with our international partners to extend your IPVPN abroad. Wherever your teams are around the world, they can all have access to your central network.

The Clever Bit

The benchmark in performance and security

IPVPN is a technical masterpiece which uses Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to give you the highest levels of performance and security on your VPN. Here’s how it works...

Connecting your sites

IPVPN hooks up your LANs via our own fibre access circuits or access circuits from other service providers, giving you speeds of up to 1Gbit/s.

Your traffic has its own private network within our network, and it’s packaged and labelled according to the different classes of service.

And when it’s delivered over Ethernet, each CoS has its very own dedicated bandwidth and is delivered across the network according to the priorities you choose.

Pretty clever eh?

Everything on one network

All your business applications will co-exist on the same network. We’re thinking email, VOIP, internet access – the whole lot.

It’s built to be secure and you can add extra layers of security like end-to-end encryption, as well as resilience options if you need.

Free up your workforce

With everything on a single network, you can run converged applications to help increase collaboration.

And with secure public internet connections, they can log in from anywhere – whether it’s at home, in their local library or at a client’s office – and they’ll have access to all the tools and resources they need to get the job done.

An IPVPN is the ideal backbone for your Unified Communication strategy. It can help bring together everyone in your organisation wherever they're located.

You can also run VoIP, video, messenger and more across any device, which frees your teams from their desks and increases work efficiency

See what Unified Communications can do for you

Ready to get started? Contact us  to find out more about IPVPN or chat through what your organisation needs.