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#VOOM - Pitch To Rich 2015

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Identysafe Ltd


Greater London


New Things

your fingerprint is ur car key

Our Vision is to install "Identisafe-09","Start your car with your fingerprint" device on every third luxury car in USA & Europe by Dec 2020.Thus helping to reduce car theft as much as possible.

It all started in Singapore, where I had a television set in my car, which would go off because of a loose connection. "I would then have to tap the set to get it started. It suddenly struck me during one such occasion that I could use biometrics to eliminate car keys completely,"Finger scan biometric provides the most secure and convenient technology available today for securing user access to a car. The state of art technology in user authentication, it determines your identity based on your fingerprint, not just a password, nor what you possess (a coded key). The best solution to car theft. Winning Pitch to Rich competition will provide me an opportunity to create a company that can employ many young,talented people and help them achieve their dreams in life."I was born in India and ran business in Silicon valley before migrating to London" and I understand how tough the journey of an entrepreneur is.I am on the cross roads of my career and it will change my life forever.

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We will use the funds to distribute the product globally and establish mass scale production facility of Identisafe to fulfill demands of Jaguar Land Rover and Audi.We cannot satisfy bulk manufacturing orders due to lack of funds required to develop a team, purchase raw material and set up a production facility.We will also appoint dealers for our product in every country and adopt a franchise model to expand the business internationally. We will further use resources to expand our Patent and Technology assets.We currently have a UK patent and can collaborate with ARM processor company in UK to develop patent worthy biometric software.We also have a patent pending in Biometric Payment gateway "Your fingerprint is your credit card".Biometric technology to avoid credit card theft online.We shall further expand our technology in new financial payment sector and make the company ready for IPO on NASDAQ in next 5 years.

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