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Systems Integrators and Virgin Media Business

The perfect partnership


Whether it’s driving employee empowerment, enabling 360° customer engagement or defining business strategy through big data, digital is driving business transformation.

Your customers need a reliable digital infrastructure that integrates their people, departments and process, and maximises their business opportunities.

And that’s where we come in…

We focus our expertise on running our superfast nationwide fibre optic network, leaving you free to concentrate on your own core competencies.

Because when you’re delivering complex IT services, you need the flexibility and commercial agility to deliver the best technology and services to meet your clients’ needs -  on time, every time.

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We do things differently

We’re understanding and responsive to your challenges. That’s why we offer contractual flexibility, innovative pricing and commercial agility – just ask us!

We have a team of experts who’ve been providing infrastructure services to Systems Integrators for over a decade.

Our dedicated brains bring experience across all verticals, including Financial Services, Retail and Utilities and a proven track record in supporting Central Government, Local Government, Education, Health – and with over 53,000 public sector sites you could say it’s our specialist subject.

First-Class Service

We like to keep things simple. So simply put we take the headache out of partnering.

We understand the challenges faced by complex and changing customer needs, that’s why we pride ourselves on our flexibility – making sure we always deliver the right solutions on time, every time.

Through our flexible framework agreements, we work in which ever way suits you best, giving you a broader portfolio that will deliver innovation to your customers.

Easy to do business with

We’ll help you get the most for your clients' budget through our innovative pricing models.

Offering price per user consumption models or quick ‘rate card’ pricing, mirroring your own end-user utility pricing - you can easily and confidently add infrastructure offerings to your own propositions.

Our flexible approach helps you deliver both the contractual flexibility and innovation needed to support the changing demands of your customers.

A made to order service

Whatever your requirements you can rest assured that our high capacity network will meet your client needs - giving you the piece of mind that we can work to your and your clients’ needs, not ours.

See, we did say we were flexible.

Partner with Us

Every customer is different.

And with each customer comes a unique set of challenges.

Your customers are demanding more for less, and you need to become even more flexible and responsive to meet those changing customer needs.

We believe it’s building strong working relationships that will deliver the very best technology and services through portfolio collaboration – helping us to become more agile and support the ever-changing marketplace.

Partnering at every stage

We take a 360° approach with our strategic partnerships, combining our portfolios and expertise to create unique fits that support you and your customers.

Working towards true alliance management we work closely across all areas of our business to utilise a wide breadth of experience, ensuring we are with you every step of the way. Working collaboratively and proactively both internally and with your own experts to share our know-how to best support your customers. 

Mum’s the word

We’re a discreet bunch at Virgin Media Business. We don’t share information on deals with other organisations and there are no shared deal rooms around here.

So when it comes to your business, what happens with us, stays with us.

Tech & Services

We have a broad portfolio of products and services designed to deliver innovation and scalability to your customers.

And because every customer is different we’re agile and responsive ensuring we deliver the right technologies and good customer service for your customers - on time, every time.

Your customers will get the same level of service as the public sector organisations which trust us to deliver WAN services over the Public Services Network (PSN). That means high security (up to IL3), high reliability and seamless connectivity.

There’s plenty more too, including:

  • High capacity networks connecting your customers to data centres
  • Infrastructure to support a complete Unified Communications portfolio
  • IP voice, hosted IP voice and SIP services
  • Site connectivity to a WAN from a major corporate to branch offices

Did we mention our network? Our superfast nationwide fibre optic network delivers reliable comms backed by our business-class service level agreements.
And because we proactively monitor our network 24/7 you can rely on us to always support the great work you do.

IT Your Way

Want to take connectivity from us and have the freedom to deliver services over your network? No problem – we don’t mind sharing.

We’ll work with you to integrate our services with the ones you take from other providers. We’ll make sure it’s all working seamlessly, and no matter which providers you choose, we’re on hand to help you manage it all.

Or if you want us to partner with you every step of the way, that’s fine too. It’s completely up to you.

Our expert teams are more than comfortable when it comes to multisource ecosystems and can work with you on technical design, commercial innovation, risk management – the whole lot.


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