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Red Paint Multimedia

A ton of extra #VOOM

100 extra days worth of productivity a year. That’s the power of ultrafast broadband.

Imagine unleashing 100 extra days worth of productivity a year with no additional people and no additional spend. Is this the stuff of legend? According to Red Paint Multimedia, it’s down to the power of ultrafast broadband.

Red Paint Multimedia is a Glasgow-based digital agency specialising in website and app design, email marketing and web hosting. And thanks to ultrafast broadband from Virgin Media Business, it’s transformed its operations.


A three-man business that lives and breathes the power of the Internet and the power of digital communication, the company was operating on fumes. And it was only a matter of days after its ultrafast overhaul that it began to understand its potential to #VOOM. Based in the Charing Cross area of Glasgow in a renovated mill, like many buildings from the city’s industrial past, what it possessed in character and location, it severely lacked in connectivity.

Paying for two ADSL lines to maintain a barely acceptable level of bandwidth, storing and backing up business-critical data in an onsite server and struggling to collaborate with clients and third parties in its digital supply chain, Red Paint Multimedia needed a digital makeover.


Just a month after installing its new connectivity, the company has set loose the power of digital, embraced the Cloud and shaved its monthly outgoings. Almost overnight, the business went from up to 6Mbps to up to 200Mbps download speeds, and up to 0.5Mbps to up to 15Mbps upload speeds.

Founder and Director Andy Watson almost can’t believe the benefits the business has seen and the short space of time in which the transformation has taken place.

He said: “Our previous internet connection was not viable for our business. We had pestered our suppliers for more, literally, for years, and were giving serious consideration to moving premises. We eventually spoke to Virgin Media Business and they were willing to take on our challenge.”

“Where we previously had an in-house server, we now have VoIP and Office 365. Where we previously used Sage, we’re now using Xero for our accounting software. We’re backing up to Amazon’s Glacier, having relied on USB backup, and for client meetings we can use Skype. We are also now working extensively with Adobe Creative Cloud.”

“And remarkably, because of the efficiencies we’ve been able to drive, the three developers in the business are gaining an extra hour a day, and because we’re no longer paying for two lines, we’re actually spending less money. This has all been possible after the phenomenal jump in speed.”

Of course, extra hours mean extra #VOOM. And for Red Paint Multimedia that means the business is now able to work faster with its existing customers, and is accelerating its own growth, recruiting additional developers to add to the team.

With extra days in the week, improved efficiencies and cashflow, no doubt more businesses in the old buildings of the city will be desperate to apply a digital lick of paint.

Virgin Media Business & Red Paint Multimedia - VOOMING TOGETHER.