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Are you ready to #VOOM?

“A business is simply a way of making someone else’s life better. And if the customer is happy, we’ll both see bigger profits.” – Sir Richard Branson

We’re happy to admit it - we have a one track mind. Ensuring the UK business community has every opportunity to #VOOM.

Every one of our partners has access to Virgin Media Business’ products and services through our market leading connectivity, and dedicated business support.

And they rely on us as a provider committed to improving the way they work, and by extension how their customers work.

But we also have a different approach as to how partnerships should work. Yes, we’re a volume player. But we also take the time to get to know you, your business, your teams and your customers.

That is, after all, the Virgin way of doing business.

So we’re looking for partners who not only share that same passion, but who actively deliver against it.

Are you ready to #VOOM?

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We value like-minded thinkers. Those who deliver exceptional service to their customers, who can solve problems creatively and who are always on the lookout for market-leading solutions.

We believe in more than just words. We take action.


We’re committed to the market, with programs and initiatives like #VOOM 2016 and Project Lightning. Our £3 billion programme will connect 4,000,000 more sites to the Virgin Media network over the next five years.


When a new partner joins our family, they’re backed by our high visibility, well-trusted brand that helps open doors.


Customers are at the heart of everything we do. Because if the customer wins, our partners win. And we win too.


It’s not just about knowing what to do. Or even how to do it. We have the infrastructure and products in place to get it done for you and your customers time and time again.

Products & Services

We have one platform, which represents everything we offer. At the core of our platform is our fibre-optic network, the result of billions of pounds worth of investment. It delivers market leading connectivity to thousands of public and private sector organisations across the country. It’s fast. It’s fibre-optic.

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Partner Story – LDD Group


Established in 1993 in the corner of a dairy warehouse in West Yorkshire, Leeds-based ICT support business LDD Group quickly built a reputation for outstanding customer service. It counts over 2,000 customers across the public, private and education sectors. And it’s grown not just by being brilliant at what it does: it also hasn’t hesitated to reinvent itself to seize opportunities.

“In essence we started life as a hardware distributor – a box shifter,” says Telecoms Manager David Gomersall. “As we became aware of the draw of faster connectivity and the rise of software into what have now become increasingly cloud-based services, we made the decision to evolve from a distributor into a service provider.”

Technology providers need to be well ahead of the curve if they’re to stay at the top of their game. Case in point: connectivity speeds and Quality of Service demands.

“Time and again we were working with schools and looking to recommend broadband that was fast, had clear support and wasn’t going to be restrictive with regards to budget. And time and again the fastest broadband in the area was Virgin Media Business, so we knew we needed to access  the products,” said David.

So LDD became a Virgin Media Business Indirect Partner in mid-2015. Smart move on multiple counts. It opened doors for LDD across both public-sector education customers and the SOHO-SME space. And it threw open the Virgin Media Business product portfolio, enabling LDD to stack new sales, cross-sell and differentiation opportunities on top of the connectivity they provided.

“We are now able to say that we offer market leading connectivity to thousands of public and private sector organisations across the country. And once we have put in that ultrafast connection, it’s a much easier conversation to go back and say ‘did you know you can do this with your broadband?’”

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Partner Story – Datatel Solutions


Imagine a world where you make a cold call, leave a polite message for the decision-maker to call you back — and hey presto! — your phone duly rings a little while later.

Pure sales fantasy? Maybe for some. But for our partner Datatel, it’s becoming business as usual.

Garry Grant, founder and managing director of Datatel Solutions, is somewhere between surprised and amazed at what he sees happening in the call centre at the company’s new Preston office.

“Sales people generally don’t like answering inbound calls as it usually stops them from selling,” he says. “We laugh about it in the office. We are leaving messages for prospective customers and they are calling us back, all because we can offer access to the Virgin Media Business network. It’s practically unheard of, particularly in our sector.”

Datatel was founded eight years ago, selling B2B mobile, operating from its headquarters in Blackpool.  Like many channel businesses it’s been on a digital journey, gradually broadening its portfolio to sell other B2B products with a focus on hosted services.

“Anyone that relies on just one product and doesn’t open their eyes to what the customer needs and focus on longer lasting relationships is kidding themselves,” said Garry. “We wanted to stop other independents talking to our customers – we wanted to give them products they needed and, as a business ourselves, products that they would buy.”

Now Datatel’s ambitions are enhanced by its relationship with Virgin Media Business. The sales teams are buzzing about Project Lightning and the expansion of Virgin Media Business’ ultrafast network.

“We have doubled the size of our sales team in the last five months and we are looking likely to double again. From my point of view, we’ve got in at the ground and use working with Virgin to our benefit. We aren’t selling off the BT network – or sharing the network and vanilla products with the other independents out there - we’ve got a real point of differentiation.”

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So what’s next?

Get on board. It’s easy, just complete the online registration form and we’ll take it from there.

  • Complete your online registration
  • A contract will be drawn up and sent to you
  • Once the contract is approved we’ll set you up
  • You’ll receive your partner ID and welcome pack
  • We’ll be in touch to book your training sessions

Get ready to #VOOM.

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