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Imagine the possibilities


Imagine a future where patients don’t have to visit a hospital to see a doctor, where diagnosis is given over a secure video link straight into the patient’s home and where prescriptions are completely automated. Together we can make it happen.

Monitor patients from their homes

With telemedicine, you can track a patient’s health from their glucose levels to ECG and dialysis data, all through WiFi-enabled sensors.

The data can be sent back to the ward or monitoring centre where it is analysed by specialists who can monitor the patient without having to fill a hospital bed.

One trial by the NHS in Cornwall saw death rates fall by 45% and a fifth fewer patients admitted to hospital by using telemedicine.

And that’s just the start. If the NHS embraced telemedicine UK-wide it could save £1 billion every year and almost half hospital admissions.

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Diagnose patients wherever they are

It’s not just long-term illnesses which can benefit from today’s technology. With secure video conferencing and the growth in tablets, smartphones and internet-enabled TVs you can now deliver a diagnosis through a secure video link into patients’ homes.

So there’s no need for them to wait in line at the hospital or GP’s surgery – they can access the best medical experts quickly and easily, no matter where they’re based.

Access patient records in a flash, wherever you are

Whether you’re at the roadside or in an operating theatre you can stay connected to critical patient information and access records in an instant.

With a secure virtual private network (VPN), you can have your very own secure network delivered over the UK’s only nationwide fibre optic network.

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Share resources with other Trusts and agencies

With shared networks, you can break down obstacles to collaboration whether you’re sharing information with other NHS Trusts around the country or health charities and other agencies.

From sharing common functions like HR, call centres and payroll to pooling your resources to deliver better patient care, you can do more for less by sharing the load.

Say goodbye to prescription errors

Prescription errors cost the NHS around £354 million every year. With an intelligent network that links patient records to an automated prescription service, you can make sure your patients get the right prescription every time.

With secure links from medical centres to pharmacies, there’s no need to write out prescriptions – it’s all done for you. And because it taps into the patient records database, there’s no need to worry about errors. 

The benefits


With your ideas and our technology we can change how we deliver healthcare in the UK. Explore the benefits technology can bring when we work together

Improve patient care and save lives

Launch innovative new services to drastically improve the care you give patients from a specialist giving a diagnosis over video conference to a patient 300 miles away to round-the-clock monitoring of patients in their own homes.

You can deliver services in new ways through TVs, smartphones and tablets and get access to information quicker so you can make instant decisions over patient care.

And with a network that connects all the sites in your Trust together, it’s quick and easy to share information.

Cut hospital waiting times and free up beds

With fast access to patient records and diagnoses delivered from your patients’ homes, there’s no need for them to visit the hospital unless it’s absolutely necessary.

So there are shorter queues in hospitals, easier appointments in the GP’s surgery and more beds free for those who really need them.

Reduce your operating costs

Make huge efficiency savings and reduce your operating costs by sharing your network with other agencies and NHS Trusts.

From shared services like the Cumbria and Lancashire telestroke service which pools together resources to save £8m a year on treating stroke victims to sharing common activities like HR, call centres and payroll you can deliver more for less when you come together on a single network.

It’s powerful stuff - Cumbria and Lancashire NHS estimates that 24 more patients will survive a stroke each year thanks to Telestroke while an additional 40 are expected to recover with no symptoms or significant disabilities.

Improve collaboration

Whether it’s health charities providing after care to a patient or other hospitals, health centres and NHS trusts, you can make collaboration easy when you share a virtual private network (VPN) with other agencies.

It’s a highly secure private network run over the main network infrastructure that means you’ll be able to share data effortlessly.

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