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Local government

Imagine the possibilities

Fast, flexible and more efficient public services

Local Government and Public Services Network

Imagine a future where public services are delivered for less across a shared network infrastructure. And citizens have access to council services and WiFi wherever they go

Sharing across the local area

PSN logoSimplify your network infrastructure by bringing a whole host of public sector organisations together on a single network. Implementing a Public Services Network (PSN) infrastructure means you could share a single platform with schools, libraries or even the fire brigade.

And because it’s a shared infrastructure, you’ll save on the time and cost of managing and maintaining your infrastructure.

It’s already happening in Cambridgeshire, where the council has brought together a whole host of partners from the local fire service to Borough Councils and the Citizens Advice Bureau on one network.

“CPSN has been a remarkable success story so far and it keeps on getting better. It’s amazing how quickly mindsets change once conventional barriers are removed.

"The network is already a catalyst for innovation in service delivery – IT is now a way of making things better.

With technological constraints gone, joined-up working and sharing resources has become obvious – even inevitable.”

Michael Carey
CPSN Contract and Services Manager

See how Cambridgeshire County Council are saving £1m a year with a shared network

Collaboration made easy

Whether you’re sharing information between departments or with other public sector organisations, PSN implementation means you’ll be able to work together to deliver more efficient services.

With a virtual private network (VPN) you’ll create a secure private network. You can choose exactly what information you share and control access to make sure people only have access to the resources they need.

See our VPN portfolio

Public services 24/7

Bring local services together on one network to give your citizens fast, easy access to the services they need.

It saves on the cost of maintaining a number of separate systems and means citizens can easily access the resources they need, whenever they need them.

Access key resources wherever you are

Open up your organisation to flexible working from virtual call centres that bring together your employees on a single telephone number to an always-on secure VPN that lets your staff log on any time, any place.

It means your people will spend less time travelling between offices and more time in the community delivering services.

It’s great for disaster recovery too, so your people always have access to the network and can go on delivering key public services whatever happens.

Give more to your citizens

Public Sector Provider

Deliver better services to your citizens and make significant cost savings with the right technology and the right people. Together we can make it happen.

Cut the cost of delivering key public services

PSN logoWhen you share your network, there’s only one network to manage and maintain. A Public Services Network means you can deliver services for less, so you can give more to your citizens even in a tough cost-cutting environment.

You’ll get the cost savings of shared procurement and deployment meaning you'll have access to the latest technology at a fraction of the cost.

And with less time spent managing and maintaining the network, your people have more time to deliver innovations in public services.

Work with an experienced, innovative partner

With a shared framework on our nationwide fibre optic network, you can launch new services and software across your network effortlessly. And you’ll be in safe hands – we’ve been involved with the PSN Programme from the very start, delivering pioneering technology and helping to set the agenda.

Develop new revenue streams

Your network doesn’t have to stop at delivering communications. It can also be a source of revenue.

With a shared network you can spread your reach far and wide, sharing network infrastructure with partners nationally. They’ll get the benefit of your network while you’ll be able to monetise any unused resource.

Get things done faster

From your own staff accessing the network in the office to citizens in libraries, schools and public access areas, you’ll be able to provide fast access to the key resources they need.

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