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Who we are


We’re constantly monitoring the IT environment so that we can better seize the opportunities that are out there – in all their complexity. That’s what enables us to focus on the needs of our customers.

This is a way of doing business that all of us - from our senior management team to every customer service agent - believe in and practice every day.

But we are also sensitive to the wider context in which we do business. Which is why our sustainability and corporate responsibility programmes are also key to who we are.

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Company History

We've helped all kinds of organisations improve and transform the way they work.

We’re proud of every one of our milestones and achievements, and we believe that each one of them will help us better serve our customers for years to come.

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Corporate Responsibility

For us, being responsible means looking after our customers, our people and the environment.

To paraphrase Richard Branson: look after your people, they’ll look after your customers, and the shareholders will be delighted by the results.

Our goals include everything from creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels like a valuable part of the team, to building a low carbon, low waste business to minimise our impact on the environment.

We take our impact on the environment and the community around us very seriously. Which is why we’re constantly working with our staff and suppliers to meet our sustainability challenges, to think differently and to find solutions together.

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One of our main goals is to help people lead sustainable digital lifestyles.

One of our main goals is to help people lead sustainable digital lifestyles.

This means ensuring that we meet our needs now, without denying future generations the ability to meet theirs. To make this happen, we’re leading the agenda on ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ in the digital world, and we’re investing in communities that will benefit from our help.

Our staff is very involved in these activities. With a team of almost 2,000 people, we’re involved in community investment, from using volunteer days, to participating in our pound for pound matching on fundraising and payroll giving.

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Management Team

Meet our Senior Leadership Team

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